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Steam boilers and other types of boilers are a very important part of in industry to supply got and high-pressure fluids to required areas. There are various types of boilers according to application area or the customer needs. To satisfy all these requirements and needs, YongXing Boiler Group produces types and constructions of steam boilers! Let’s take a look at the product variety of YongXing Boiler.

Types Of Boilers That Are Produced By YongXing Boiler!

YongXing Boiler is one of the biggest steam boiler manufacturers located in China. Approximately 660.000 meters squares of production area, YongXing has 40 years of experience in the production of boilers. There are different kinds of boilers around the products of YongXing Boiler. 

Steam Boilers

YongXing is specialized in the production of steam boilers for 40 years. Steam boilers that are produced by YongXing have certificates of CE, A-Class, and ASME. All kinds of fuel sources are supported by YongXing, which directly produces these steam boilers from zero. Around the types of steam boilers; Natural Gas Boilers, Industrial Gas Boilers, Oil Fired Boilers, Condensing Steam Boilers, Coal Fired Boiler, Wood Fired Steam Boiler, Biomass Steam Boiler, Pellet Fired Boiler and more. 

Thermal Oil Boilers

In such applications in industry, hot oils are used as the fluid. The heating of oils is achieved with thermal oil boilers. YongXing is among the Top 3 thermal oil boiler suppliers in China! The thermal oil boiler’s heat capacity is around 320 to 350 Celsius degrees. And the use of heat sources in thermal oil boilers is very stable. Around the types of thermal oil boilers that YongXing manufactures and supplies; Hot Oil Heaters, Biomass Fueled Boilers, Coal-Fired Boilers, and more…

Hot Water Boilers

In such industries, hot water is used. Hot water is supplied by industrial-sized hot water boilers. YongXing produced how water boilers in 350kW to 14MW power ranges. All kinds of fuels are used in hot water boilers. Gas-fired, oil-fired, wood-fired, and commercial hot water boilers are available in the product range of YongXing.

Chain Grate Stokers

YongXing Boilers is also specialized in the manufacturing of chain grate boilers. In the wide range of capacities, 2ton/hr to 150 ton/hour chain grate stokes can be supplied. For various kinds of fuels, different fire grate bars options are available. Also in the manufacturing of coal grates, YongXing Boilers is around the top 3 manufacturers in China! Also in reciprocating grate and boiler, YongXing is the 1st biggest manufacturer in China! 

Grate Bars

Production of grate bars is also accomplished within the YongXing boilers. More than 50 types of grate bars are produced. High 5% Si Steel alloys are used. YongXing is giving the direct manufacturing service of these grate bars. 

FGZCS Double Sockets Autoclave: A New Technology

This product is developed and produced by YongXing Boilers to satisfy the different needs of customers. It is composed of an autoclave body, kettle cover, support, valve instrument, and safety accessories according to different international standardizations. Capacities of FGZCS Double Sockets Autoclaves change according to the customer needs. The saturated steam condensed water is a type of fuel that is used in this autoclave. Application materials of these autoclaves include; rubber products, wood drying, building materials, anti-corrosion treatment, heavy metal smelting, and medicine. 

FJZCS Single Sockets Autoclave

This autoclave design has a lid on one end. In the design process, YongXing is used different engineering techniques such as Finite Elements Analyses to ensure the required safety on critical parts. All the other properties of the FJZCS Single Socket Autoclave are the same as the FGZCS Double Sockets autoclave. 

Contact With YongXing Specialists!

You can contact with YongXing specialists to discuss your needs and expectations. Visit the website of the Yongxing Boiler! Also, you can find technical information related to all these products introduced here! 


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